Python - Django, flask, asyncio, GIS
Java - Android, JavaFX, libgdx
C++ - competitive programming, SFML, box2d
Frontend - some experience with React Native, Sass and jQuery


  • DPLib - an asynchronous server bot framework for Digital Paint: Paintball 2.
    For details, check out the GitHub repo and docs

  • sMusic - a remote control system for a school radio station that I have written with Artur Puzio for Staszic.
    sMusic consists of two components - core (client - a music player) and www (web controller)

  • MojeOkienko - an Android app that makes you able to check the status of ticket queues in municipal offices in Warsaw, that was awarded in the BIHAPI contest.
    Feel free to view the contest results announcement and the YouTube demo.

  • Dionzios - a system that makes stocktaking easy, created for a small bar in Warsaw.


  • Full-Stack Developer Internship at Order Group (2015)
  • Working part-time for Wecamo (2017-present)


  • Graduated from XIV LO im. Stanisława Staszica High School in 2018
  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology

Fields of interest

Backend development
Game development
Mobile development
Making music